About me

Hello dear investor, my name is ssmt business, And I am 26 years old, and I am investing in share market from last 5 years, and I have good experience in share market,

The reason why I have given you all the information about share market in this course is because I have earned good money from share market in the last 5 years,

All the information given in this course is our personal information about the stock market, what I have been experiencing for the last 5 years is what I have told in this course.

Why is this course priced low?

we have kept the price of this course low because we know that everyone from small investors to big investors is interested in investing in the stock market.

But due to lack of knowledge about the stock market they are never able to invest in the stock market, our aim is to make you an expert in the stock market by providing a good course at a low cost.


After purchasing this course and learning the information given in the course completely, if you invest in any share then invest at your own risk.

And do your own fundamental analysis because the purpose of giving our course is not to make you 100% profit but only to provide education,

The share market is never stable and there are always fluctuations in the share market, so if you suffer loss in any share then our course, our website and I myself do not take any responsibility for it.